Monday, January 6, 2014

Bye-bye dropshadows, hello hero areas. Web trends, 2014

Enjoyable read on the web design trends to expect in 2014. Many that made the list are design elements we've seen steadily creeping in for a while. If you want the "down & dirty," here's the top 10!

1 - Non boring typography (sweet!)
2 - Flat design (sounds bad, it's not)
3 - Large hero areas ('I need a hero'... <insert that 80s song, here>)
4 - Mobile-centric (dare we say, "duh")
5 - Videos in place of text (yes)
6 - Long scrolling sites (love it!)
7 - Simple color schemes (segueing into Pantone 2014 color of the year...)
8 - Simplified content (sounds smart to us!)
9 - Dropping the sidebar (interesting concept)
10 - Manipulated imagery (thanks for the influence, Instagram!)

For the bonus, 11th trend, you totally have the check out the article!