Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An idea that stuck to the bottom of her shoe.

So you’ve got gum stuck on your shoe. Or perhaps it was a leaf, paper, or just mud you can’t wait to get off.

All of us at some point have run into this situation and our instant reaction is to get rid of whatever it is that’s stuck to the bottom of our shoes as quickly as possible.

Recently I came across an article about Tara Haughton, a 16-year-old who started her own company after someone at the wedding she attended thought the red confetti on the bottom of her shoes made them look like Christian Louboutin shoes.

A simple Google translation of “red soles” into Italian –Rosso Solini– plus some 3M red stickers, and a company was born.

By definitely thinking outside the box, the teen CEO gave her dad a job and made Christian Louboutin shoes available for 25 bucks.

As of now, a very ho-hum website and Facebook are their main means of sales/media. Perhaps in the near future when they plan on expanding and selling more red soles to the U.S. they can give Howell Creative Group a call.