Friday, August 2, 2013

Thank You Howell Creative Group!

Without sounding like I’m giving a graduation speech, or taking a sad trip down memory lane, it can’t be overstated how great of an opportunity it is to spend a couple of months working for this company. If you don’t mind being passed a fast paced share of work then you’ll love what Tiffany has lined up for you. It has been a blast, and I’ve gained tons of experience in advertising. If all of that interests you then you should contact the company about an internship, and hopefully you’ll get a chance at a great opportunity like I did.

Now I’ll quickly take that trip down memory lane, and save whoever’s reading this from my rambling. I’d like to thank Kathy, Tiffany, Kelsey and everyone else at the company for the sense of welcome that they have demonstrated over the last three months. I felt like part of the team from day one, which makes contributing ideas and work infinitely easier. I’ve been continually impressed with the creative work being done in the office every day, and it’s great to have worked with people who love what they do, because that’s what’s most important about a career.  The company is in great hands, and is on the right track for great things to come.

I look forward to seeing more of the world with a touch of HCG on it, and wish everyone in the company the best of luck in their careers. I look forward to working alongside every one of you sometime in the future.  

See y’all soon,
Josh Wallace