Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Car naming has been elevated to an ad campaign - I love this!

For those of you who've traveled with me in "Big Willow" my adorable VOLVO XC 90, you know I'm one of those folks who names my car.  I loved the design and green color and when I found out the hue happened to be named Willow Green, I was sold.

The back-story, in 2003 we named our newly adopted tabby-cat "Willow". Her eyes were a gorgeous shade of green, but the name we'd picked out to honor her, Jade, seemed too strong to reflect her bendy, cuddly, willow-wallowing personality once we got to know her a bit better.

So as you can imagine, when I decided to shop for cars, the stars aligned to push me in the Volvo direction. And I named the car "Big Willow" in contrast to the original "Willow" - who's a bit smaller :-)

(That leads me to a follow-up tidbit. Mark, my husband, has a gun-metal gray Jetta named "Little Bridget". That car's namesake? Our enormous, fluffy, gray kitty, "Bridget" who's oversized personality and figure often make her seem bigger than the car!)

Check out the Toyota campaign: