Monday, October 17, 2011

Designed for Success

While I was writing this blog, we received the sad news that Steve Jobs had passed away. What a wonderfully creative legacy he leaves behind, and I can't help but wonder what amazing "inventions" we'll miss.

Vrginia Business magazine had a great article in its September issue, which argues the impact that design can have on business. In the wake of Steve Jobs' untimely passing, I find it even more appropriate that President and Publisher Bernie Niemeier chose to use Apple as evidence of how the two can successfully intertwine. He even goes so far as to re-bal it a "design"company rather than its original title of "hardware" or "software" company.

In my opinion, it's indisputable evidence of the ability for design to "separate winners from losers in business," as Niemeier asserts. And for me, this confirms the very essence of what we've done for years. The foundation of a company is of course the talent, ideas, products and expertise; but growth depends on successful brand development and marketing. As consumers, we subconsciously identify successful brands with malleable attributes like design or company culture.

We recently helped Stacey Sparkman Hall, D.D.S. launch her new dental practice, Williamsburg Center for Dental Health.

Our first step was to get to know Stacey, and in the process identify her brand. We then found ways to funnel these ideals, images and colors into a brand platform, which extends from her logo and tagline ("Personalized Solutions You Can Smile About") to the laid-back "Nantucket"-inspired decor of her office and teal-accented promotional launch campaign. As with the oft-discussed Apple Stores, we focused on the consumer experience and brand connectivity of her firm, moving beyond the service itself.

And in the process of doing so, everything from her office paint colors to her website now has a sense of unity that "is" uniquely Stacey.

I always say our job is to speak for our clients before they meet their customers, and the leave the door cracked afterwards. Helping them build and sustain a successful brand does just that. And what's even better - we think it's fun!

The original article in Virginia Business magazine can be found here.